Healing Day 13: Find Your Tribe

Keep finding people who will resonate with you.

Soojin Jun, PharmD


Photo by Ken kahiri on Unsplash

“Take nothing for granted.”

Caroline Myss, a mystic and a medical intuitive, said in one of her seminars. Very simple but true, I thought.

What made more amazing with that simple sentence was that everything would become a source of gratitude.

I have shared my upbringing before as a source of trauma. It wasn’t that long ago that I realized this was affecting everything in my life, from my inability to speak up for myself to raising my children. And I wondered the same for people around me and beyond, especially the patients I would talk to everyday, hence writing this series.

There are different characteristics that you may identify yourself with. I believe humans have natural desire to belong somewhere. You may have multiple traumas that you may be dealing with in your life. I have found patient safety community to deal with the trauma of losing my father and also have ended up changing my career.

When you find your tribe, people will resonate with you and that resonation can have ripple effect in your heart and their hearts! Having a tribe can expedite the speed of your healing and your growth.

Open your heart and seek your tribe that you can share your traumas. When you feel seen and heard by others, that experience will expedite healing your heart. I know online communities may not feel like a real community to some people, but you may be surprised how much healing you can get from the experience.

I hope you are enjoying my series. I know some people may think I have quit writing for this challenge as I have called it a 30 days challenge. However, I am going at my pace as I unfold and choose what to share carefully. And maybe starting from the beginning is not your thing, so you can start from here or the first healing week series in this article. The second week is about the tools you can use, and Day 8 is also here.

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Soojin Jun, PharmD

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