Who’s in charge of healthcare? Patients should be at the head of the table.

And why this is different from ”empathy.”

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Patient Engagement is recognized to be important more than ever by healthcare organizations everywhere. While this may be a no-brainer to patients, it has not had the recognition it has deserved until recently. Why is that?

Patients have maxed out on their patience in waiting for the healthcare to value quality and safety, from filing for bankruptcy due to medical bills and getting hurt and lost in a complex healthcare system. Due to the high cost of healthcare even getting higher, we have no choice but to move towards value-based care. Patients have had enough and deserve better.

When patient…

And why I need you to dream with me

Dr Martin Luther King Jr, I have a dream speech, hope for #zeroharm in healthcare
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As we remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. today, I could not let this day go without sharing my dream with you. His ‘I have a dream’ speech is remembered by many, inspires many, and will keep giving hopes to many to dream. His eloquent description of the dream is so powerful, courageous, and meaningful in so many ways.

I am not as famous as he is, as influential as he is, or as courageous as he is. All I dream is that you, I, loved ones, and everyone feel safe when we walk into a place where health and…

2. Embrace hiring a diverse workforce in ”leadership”.

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging needs so much attention, especially in healthcare.
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My friend must be the most conscious person about being a minority. Whenever we go to a meeting of some sort, she will quickly point out “We are the only Asians.” as if I would not recognize that. When there are other Asians, she will not say anything as if she can care less. The inherent subconscious thoughts of identifying the difference affect us immediately when we are in social settings. …

Find how healthcare can be responding to an unforeseeable event like Jack Gentry’s story.

Teresa and Jack Gentry, wife and husband, and patient safety advocates
Teresa and Jack Gentry (image from Jack Gentry)

This was a story originally featured on MedStar Georgetown University Hospital’s website, republished with permission from Jack Gentry:

In April 2013, Jack Gentry elected to have surgery to repair two bulging discs in his neck. He was looking forward to years of health and activity after a long career as a police officer in Baltimore City. But during the procedure performed by orthopedic surgeon Justin Tortolani, MD, at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital an error occurred when one of the surgical instruments hit the spinal cord, leaving Jack with incomplete paraplegia.

But for the physician, Jack and his wife Teresa, this…

May we all have the heart of Sammy.

A Caregiver Named Sammy. Let’s honor caregivers hidden in the talks of healthcare.
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This blog originally appeared on McKnight’s Long Term Care News, written by Martie Moore, RN, MAOM, CPHQ, republished with permission from the author.

It is not an unusual story. A 90-year-old man suddenly is having trouble breathing, his heart is enlarged, and his kidneys are slowing down in their functioning. A care conference is called and the family, along with the elderly man discuss options for treatment or not. In the end, the decision is made to not treat and to move to comfort care.

As soon as comfort care is decided, Medicare declares that they will no longer pay…

No tengas miedo de compartir su experiencia de atención médica con el mundo. Esperamos aprender de usted.

1. Surround yourself with like-minded women.

Clearwater Beach in May 2021 at Elevate Retreat with the queens (Image credit: Malerie Veillon)

My life was hitting bottom: family, work, and me. God had a special plan for me, as it turned out, however. I will share what has worked for me, and maybe you can implement similar strategies to heal yourself.

1. Surround yourself with like-minded women.

I see this pattern repeatedly. Women are very social. We feel better when we are in communities, and it is essential (We even go to bathrooms together!). I met like-minded women in Christina Fontana’s retreat in May 2021 at Clearwater Beach in Florida. …

I’ll come back on one condition: that you prep your staff with the whole story so I don’t have to repeat it 50 times.

Emmett is 15-year-old son of Stacy Hurt, the author of the story and patient advocate.

Stacy Hurt, the patient advocate in digital health and beyond, shares her frustration as a caregiver for her son, Emmett, in her experience with his medical visits. Please read her story. (This story originally appeared on her blog, republished here with permission from the author. See other stories of Stacy and Emmett on her website: https://stacyhurt.net/)

Whoever is teaching the med students to ask this, stop. Just stop. Wait, no. Don’t stop. It’s a great question. Just not one you want to hear 8,000 times when you’ve had no sleep in three weeks.

Our 15-year-old intellectually and developmentally disabled son…

Hit publish and set yourself free, wrote the Aussie writer.

Write without fear, edit without mercy. How I overcame my fear of publishing online. Thanks to Tim Denning and Todd Brison’s Medium Bad-Assery. Writing Advice for aspiring writers on Medium.
Photo by hannah grace on Unsplash

Publishing online can be a daunting task for new writers.
However, behind the digital world, there are people.
Kindness in this binary world can make a world of difference.
I remember the first time I hit that green button on the upper right corner of this platform. So many thoughts and doubts crossed my mind. Fear of rejection was the biggest reason for holding back publishing. That changed with a gesture of kindness from a stranger across the oceans.

When I first considered writing on Medium years ago, it was not open to everyone. English being a second language, I…

Soojin Jun, PharmD

Dreamer of empathetic and humble healthcare. A pharmacist who cannot stand drugs. Patient advocate for you. Inquire jun.soojin@gmail.com

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