And why this is different from ”empathy.”

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Patient Engagement is recognized to be important more than ever by healthcare organizations everywhere. While this may be a no-brainer to patients, it has not had the recognition it has deserved until recently. Why is that?

Patients have maxed out on their patience in waiting for the healthcare to value quality and safety, from filing for bankruptcy due to medical bills and getting hurt and lost in a complex healthcare system. Due to the high cost of healthcare even getting higher, we have no choice but to move towards value-based care. Patients have had enough and deserve better.

When patient…

And why I need you to dream with me

Dr Martin Luther King Jr, I have a dream speech, hope for #zeroharm in healthcare
Dr Martin Luther King Jr, I have a dream speech, hope for #zeroharm in healthcare
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As we remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. today, I could not let this day go without sharing my dream with you. His ‘I have a dream’ speech is remembered by many, inspires many, and will keep giving hopes to many to dream. His eloquent description of the dream is so powerful, courageous, and meaningful in so many ways.

I am not as famous as he is, as influential as he is, or as courageous as he is. All I dream is that you, I, loved ones, and everyone feel safe when we walk into a place where health and…

In your words and language.

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Have you heard?

The third leading cause of death is medical errors next to heart disease and cancer. You can die because of medical errors while you are most vulnerable and when you have high hopes to get better. If this does not alarm you, I am not sure what will.

Our greetings of today are not just random hi’s and how are you’s. We say, “I hope you are safe.” That much, our safety is in danger, more so with pandemics like Covid-19. As we go through the pandemic worldwide, I want people to take this statistic to the…

How to seize the day

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In my Korean culture, we have traditions to have big parties on the first birthday and 60th birthday.

It is an old tradition from the time when fewer babies would survive, and fewer adults would make it to their 60th birthday. The tradition still lives on, but the big celebration at 60 years is moving towards the 70th birthday.

Having lost my dad, who was at age 63 at the time of the death, thinking he would make it into his 70th birthday and would have a big celebration was a big mistake in hindsight. Having lost one of my…

Please consider them for your own safety.

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As healthcare in the US is gearing towards a value-based system, there is an increasing interest in healthcare organizations’ patient experiences.

Patient advocate is an umbrella term to mean different roles of patient advocacy, depending on where and how people use the term.

There are confusion and blind assumptions when you hear the word because of these different uses, however. Before going into the explanation, why does this role exist? Our ever-more-complex healthcare system in the US leads patients to failure for various reasons, especially for the patient population who suffer from chronic diseases.

Our country’s healthcare expenditure is the…

Taking time, asking questions, and listening to family could have saved at least his quality of life

Making medical decisions should be taken with time and quality of life matters. Have a patient advocate with you.
Making medical decisions should be taken with time and quality of life matters. Have a patient advocate with you.
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Disclaimer: This is a patient story submitted from an anonymous contributor to ‘I am Cheese.’

It took a long time for my brother to get diagnosed because his symptoms began when the COVID-19 pandemic was starting to shut down everything. By the time he found that he had inoperable esophageal cancer, it was June 2020, and he could no longer eat solid food. The doctors were amazed that he looked so good. …

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