Here are 3 ways how pharmacists can help the two most pressing problems of healthcare in the US.

Disclaimer: the following is solely my opinion on why pharmacists should be recognized as providers. I welcome constructive and respectful comments.

After losing my dad to medical gaps and partly to adverse events from medications as a minority patient, I have changed my career to be a pharmacist from a…

Why referring healthcare employees to Employee Assitance Program (EAP) is not enough.

Healthcare workers in Covid-19 Era, provided by UN

“Heroes work here,” the sign by the entrance of my hospital says. After entering the hospital, I wash my hands, get my temperature checked, and grab my daily mask. I pray on my way to the pharmacy that I will do my best to keep myself and my patients safe…

And why this is different from ”empathy.”

Patient Engagement is recognized to be important more than ever by healthcare organizations everywhere. While this may be a no-brainer to patients, it has not had the recognition it has deserved until recently. Why is that?

Patients have maxed out on their patience in waiting for the healthcare to value…

2. Embrace hiring a diverse workforce in ”leadership”.

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging needs so much attention, especially in healthcare.

My friend must be the most conscious person about being a minority. Whenever we go to a meeting of some sort, she will quickly point out “We are the only Asians.” as if I would not recognize that. When there are other Asians, she will not say anything as if…

Find how healthcare can be responding to an unforeseeable event like Jack Gentry’s story.

Teresa and Jack Gentry, wife and husband, and patient safety advocates

This was a story originally featured on MedStar Georgetown University Hospital’s website, republished with permission from Jack Gentry:

In April 2013, Jack Gentry elected to have surgery to repair two bulging discs in his neck. He was looking forward to years of health and activity after a long career as…

Soojin Jun, PharmD

Dreamer of empathetic and humble healthcare. A pharmacist who cannot stand drugs. Patient advocate for you. Owner of I am Cheese pub.

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